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The DCF club - RBA

The DCF club

Building a base of multidisciplinary skills around the leader: the DCF club

RBA maintains regular but non-exclusive relationships with several renowned professionals (lawyers, notaries, …) to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. The firm therefore decided to create a club, the Droit, Chiffres et Finance (Law, Figures and Finance) Club, to promote interprofessional and intergenerational exchanges between the various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through this exchange, lawyers, notaries, financial advisors, accountants and auditors can thus keep up with the latest changes in their respective fields in order to anticipate the impacts on companies and build suitable solutions together, in record time.

Together, they all contribute to think tanks in the fields of law, accounting and finance in order to promote possible evolutions.
Lastly, they can share their knowledge and best practices with a receptive audience of professionals, leaders and executives.

Breakfast with the DCF Club

The DCF club organizes breakfast conferences several times a year on specific themes related to current affairs.
The Club’s experts provide structured, multidisciplinary solutions to business leaders’ challenges.

Themes of our most recent breakfast conferences:

Conference – 13 November 2018
Main themes discussed during this conference:

• Presentation and visit of Drouot and the art market
• Corporate philanthropy: tax benefits and a rewarding communication operation
• Transfer of works of art: succession / donation: possible opportunities

Conference – 31 May 2018
Main themes addressed during this conference:

• Presentation of Paris Longchamp and the racing world
• Investment pleasure and passion: how to become an investor / investment strategy
• Financial and tax aspects of investments

Breakfast Meeting – April 25, 2017
Main themes addressed during this conference:

• Interprofessionalism in divestment transactions
• The preparation of the transfer
• Precautions to be taken in transfer agreements
• The benefits in regards to taxation

Breakfast Conference – June 30, 2016

Main topics discussed at the conference:

  • Mediation : reaching a solution through negotiation between the parties in complete confidentiality.
  • Decision : two-party hearing behind closed doors to avoid an appeal.
  • Conciliation, two-way protection with an obligation to confidentiality but also one of transparency.
  • Business tribunal: an ally in all conflict resolutions.

Breakfast Conference – January 12, 2016

Main topics discussed at the conference:

  • Main criteria for the effectiveness of a fiscal residence transfer: recent experiences and jurisprudence.
  • Maintenance or improvement of civil status – Impact of the European regulation on succession coming into force: the options.
  • Some specific tax issues (Exit Tax, estate, life insurance, stock market savings plan …): recent experiences.

Breakfast Conference – April 15, 2015

Main topics discussed at the conference:

  • Preparing the process.
  • Approaching potential buyers/investors.
  • Call for bids or discussion with a previously-identified partner.
  • Due diligence phase.
  • Finalization of the transaction.

Breakfast Conference – November 2014

Main topics discussed at the conference:

  • Reminder of inheritance principles.
  • Mechanism of protection against the risks of challenges during a corporate donation.
  • Impact of donation on corporate governance.
  • Fiscal assessments and consequences of donations.

Breakfast Conference – June 2014

Main topics discussed at the conference:

  • Why prevention?
  • Payment default and possible ways out through renegotiation.
  • The ad hoc mandate and conciliation, conditions and interest.
  • Classic and accelerated backup procedure.
  • The director and responsibilities involved.

Breakfast Conference – January 2014

Main topics discussed at the conference:

  • Recent developments in company and individual taxation.
  • Individual taxation – Main provisions.
  • Macroeconomic outlook.
  • Corporate taxation – Review of certain provisions.
Notre dernière conférence en vidéo