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Growth management - RBA

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Growth management

RBA is there to help and support companies throughout their lifecycles. Our understanding of the multiple challenges directors face during their companies’ periods of growth influences the quality of the packages we offer them and that of the relevance of our plans. Our experience and skills, acquired in multiple sectors, and our norm application, enable us to provide high value-added services in France and abroad.
We support company and finance directors in their decisions by relying on the dialog we have with them. Our role is to provide clear, sound advice that informs them about which path to take. To this end, we spare no effort because we share their objectives: help their company to grow.

« Our company Loft design by has been an RBA client for several years.
Throughout this time, RBA has supported us in terms of accounting, professionally and efficiently.
Their strategic guidance and the modern vision of its leadership team enabled us to deploy our business worldwide ».

Patrick Freche - Founder of Loft design by
Process improvement for the elaboration of consolidated financial statement
Adaptation of consolidated data to IFRS norms
Investment fundraising support
Case study

Case study of the establishment and international deployment of one of the first Internet companies, before its transfer.

To support one of the first internet service providers, from its creation, through its globalization, to its transfer.

  • After two fundraising efforts that RBA contributed significantly to, which led to significant investments by two multinationals, the founder who held his titles and share purchase warrants in a French company transferred them to a Belgian holding company that had become a subsidiary of the French holding
  • Then RBA contributed to the Internet company’s IPO
  • The Belgian holding company then sold its stocks in the company
  • The exempt proceeds of the sale were in part reinvested by the Belgian holding in European industrial and commercial companies, and in part distributed to the French parent company, which created a property rental division
  • Once the holdings of the Belgian holding were transferred, a cross-border merger was accomplished

RBA contributed significantly to the entrepreneur’s objectives, ensuring he benefitted from the best financial and tax conditions.

…even during a crisis

When a company begins to experience difficulties, RBA remains at its side, conducting diagnoses in order to find solutions and deploy them. Operational budget reviews, cash flow forecasts, working capital improvements, debt restructuring… our experts will examine all the possible routes to improvement and participate in negotiations with financial institutions. The firm can prepare for the sale of an asset or a branch of activity, and contribute to the implementation of a new organization.
It will guide the customer company through legal and collective proceedings, and establish a continuation plan if the company is taken over or has to undergo voluntary liquidation as part of the sale.

« Many accountancy firms are able to support companies on a day-to-day basis when things are going well. But those that can do this in times of trouble are few and far between. You must find the right people, be present in all areas and at all times, with the relevant skills, make time and be on time.
RBA, through its experience, loyal teams and human proportions, has been building and guiding our group since 1989. »

Bruno Giroud - President of Cap Industries
Restructuring, Sale or transfer, Negotiations with financial institutions