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RBA’s mission is to bring its clients added value

RBA was founded in 1970. For over forty years, the practice has been putting customer relations, rapid response and added value first. Around forty people are employed by RBA, as associates, project managers, experienced or junior accountants. The firm advises and supports over 700 clients with a wide range of profiles, from very small companies including start-ups, through well-known family businesses, to leading multinationals. The practice’s activities include generic operations, assignments requiring specialized expertise, and contributions to flagship projects. Whatever the assignment the firm takes on, the approach is always value-added.

In order to go above and beyond the needs of its customers, RBA favors the continuous improvement of knowledge and the broadening of its scope, thanks to the support of its concomitant professional expertise/external sources of expertise. The goal of this approach is to offer companies holistic solutions including fiscal and accounting aspects as well as legal and social ones.

RBA generated €5.5 million in revenues in 2018.
Fiscal, legal, management and accounting expertise
RBA puts client satisfaction at the heart of the firm’s development.

Strong values that guide
our work every day

The belief in this philosophy has enabled the firm to build very strong relationships with clients, which include startups, big businesses, and also medium-sized companies such as shops and restaurant chains,….

Our ethics, our implication in the assignments entrusted to us, and our teams’ expertise all contribute to building RBA’s reputation and instilling genuine trust in our clients, whose loyalty is often expressed over decades.

RBA’s values
have their source in its clients’ state of mind.

RBA conducts its business with integrity and remains independent at all times.
Comprehension of clients’ challenges is combined with the neutrality required for our teams to maintain their advisory role. Transparency and honesty are part of the principles that all employees must comply with in order to carry out their assignments and also in order to interact with each other.

RBA’s level of commitment to clients is very high.
Whatever the size or the type of company concerned, the firm’s goal is to deliver adequate advice and responses to the economic and social challenges of its customers. RBA reacts quickly and mobilizes all its resources, both inhouse and external, in order to generate the most highly-developed recommendations. Added value is sought out for each and every assignment.
The leadership team is also committed to all employees, providing all the support, supervision and training required for them to accomplish their duties.

RBA is a firm of human proportions for whom dialog is the cornerstone of collaboration.
The firm considers its mission to be not only to share its clients’ challenges but also to create a genuinely close relationship by supporting them in their times of need, throughout the company’s lifetime. RBA values shared everyday experience, and constant implication.
The leadership team and other employees are also genuinely close, and this intimacy is rooted in sincere knowledge transfer, based on dialog and active listening.

Respect for individuals and all their differences is strongly entrenched in RBA’s culture.
RBA is convinced that diversity is a veritable source of enrichment, and thus promotes a multicultural environment within the firm.
The same is true for parity, that guarantees a better balance between points of view, and ensures creative dialog.
But respect is worth nothing if it is one-sided or short-lived. Respecting oneself, one’s colleagues and earning the respect of clients through high-quality work and the strength of RBA’s commitment are basic principles that must never be contravened.
Ever since its creation, RBA has been driven by deeply humanist values that transpire through its relationships with all its stakeholders : clients, team members, partners,…

The leadership team comprises four associates,
including the firm’s founder and its managing director.

The fact that they are used to working with each other as part of the same firm, and their skills as generalists, means the partners enable their clients to benefit from their complementarity and interchangeability in the assignments they are responsible for. The solid and sustainable team of RBA associates proves its customer loyalty and consistency in the way assignments are handled every day. RBA’s leaders have placed RBA on the path to modernization in order to continue to offer the SME who trust them an evolving strategic vision, adapted to the rapid changes of the French economy.

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Robert BellaichePresident and founder

Office: + bellaiche@rbabgroupe.com

Soly BenzaquenManaging director

Office: + benzaquen@rbagroupe.com

Cyrille Senaux

Office: + senaux@rbagroupe.com

Nicolas Chezaud

Office: + chezaud@rbagroupe.com

Customer-dedicated teams

RBA’s teams collaborate on transversal assignments, delivering global solutions to clients’ challenges. They receive support throughout by the associates who know the history of the firm and its cases. Their approach is based on listening and dialog, and thus brings great intimacy between RBA teams and clients. It’s no coincidence that customer intimacy is one of the firm’s key values.
RBA teams benefit from several hours’ training throughout each year, as part of a continuous improvement drive.

The trust our clients have in us is a source of great pride for all the teams of RBA.