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Legal and contract audits - RBA

Legal and contract audits

RBA, a firm with a strong reputation

Within the framework of statutory or contractual audits, RBA benefits from a reputation that enables it to carry out its missions, depending on the company’s size and the scope of an operation, either completely autonomously or jointly with much larger firms, often international ones. Rigor, precise knowledge and rapid understanding of the stakes, give RBA the means to audit with the same high expectations of quality as always.”

Statutory auditors

RBA’s approach is founded on knowledge and upstream analysis of the company including its size, its structure and the specificities of its sector. The strategic and operational risks are also explored. RBA’s expertise in several sectors has enabled it to develop its capacity to quickly understand the characteristics of each new market its customers request it to engage in. In a company where the application of norms and regulations is stricter than ever, a high level of rigor and accurate knowledge are necessary, even more so when legislative changes are increasingly frequent and fiscal stability increasingly fragile.
However, even within the framework of the audit, dialog and reactivity remain paramount to RBA experts in order to fully master the subject and its workings.

RBA has been working for our group for 15 years.
I met them during a tough time when I was selling a company and it wasn’t going very well. I needed an undisputed expert; I chose RBA.
Since then they have audited all our companies.
Why do I like working with RBA? Because they get the job done (as statutory auditors) and at the same time they understand mine, ensuring the two are compatible.
Reputation is important and RBA has a very good one despite not being a big firm. In many cases, their reputation helps.

Pierre Darmon Managing director of GROUPE REITZEL
For SME and some listed companies.
IFRS techniques - specific themes and assessments

Contract audit

RBA may also carry out contract audits, when a suitable response is needed for a particular case. A truly ‘open’ assignment, the contract(ual) audit enables the company to benefit from high valueadded services from the firm in fields such as company assessment within the framework of external growth operations or restructuring (including when the company already as an auditor), asset and liability assessment for a buyout or a cessation of activity, or even the evaluation of specific risks.
RBA can intervene within the framework of a contract(ual) audit even if the firm’s experts are already statutory auditors for the same company. Contract(ual) audit and legal audit are in this case two distinctly separate assignments.

Assignor and assignee due diligence during the preparation of a transfer operation.