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Testimonials - RBA


They believe in us

“We have been a customer and friend of RBA since the business started (as auditors).
What to say about them? RBA’s support has been consistently good and they are available at all times.
Their approach is at the same time rigorous and pleasant and they respond efficiently to all our questions.”

Maurice Nussenbaum - President of Sorgem Evaluation

“I met Soly and her teams in spring 2017 to accompany me in the LBO which allowed me to become the majority shareholder of the group that I manage. The firm meets all my expectations: professionalism, technical expertise, trust – all with a human touch. Our exchanges and their analyses have always allowed me to have a better understanding of the issues and to reassure myself in regards to the decisions to be made.
Today, Soly and her teams are vital for my management and the development strategy put in place. ”

Jérôme Elmalek - President of the ELLI Group

« Our company Loft design by has been an RBA client for several years.
Throughout this time, RBA has supported us in terms of accounting, professionally and efficiently.
Their strategic guidance and the modern vision of its leadership team enabled us to deploy our business worldwide. ».

Patrick Freche - Founder of Loft design by

« How can I speak of my forty-year collaboration with RBA without mentioning that over the years and through the companies I have founded, bought, sold, or kept until now, I have built with RBA and its teams a relationship of trust that has never been denied.
Skills, rigor, and availability are the essential qualities I have been able to appreciate at RBA, a medium-sized firm that has nothing to envy of its larger counterparts, so professional are the various services it offers. »

Denis Levy - President of Mondial Tissus Group

« Many accountancy firms are able to support companies on a day-to-day basis when things are going well. But those that can do this in times of trouble are few and far between. You must find the right people, be present in all areas and at all times, with the relevant skills, make time and be on time. RBA, through its experience, loyal teams and human proportions, has been building and guiding our group since 1989. »

Bruno Giroud - President of Cap Industries

« Our group has been working with RBA for almost ten years. I can testify to the excellence of their services, their exceptional reactivity, their reliability, and the diligent precision of their operations. But above all, I can attest to a quality that is rare in the entrepreneurial world, and – excuse me – even more so in the field of accounting, even for statutory accountants: RBA teams have proved their ability to summarize and their capacity for simplification that renders their work immediately tangible and useful to their manager clients. Above and beyond the figures, tables, balance sheets, RBA helps answer strategic questions, and makes recommendations from a clear standpoint proposed for a given subject. It continues to heed entrepreneur reactions, and this close and concentrated dialog brings a precious ‘plus’ to the company. RBA combines this particular characteristic with its leaders’ frank conviviality, giving me a trustworthy partner who is remarkable in all circumstances, just as much on a daily basis as in times of complex strategic reorientation. The teams have our ongoing trust and I thank them here(by) with it. »

Alain Ziegler - Rand Group - President of the Supervisory Board.

« I met the RBA associates for the first time about 15 years ago, when I was in charge of Liberty Surf’s external growth operations/activities. The advice given by RBA at the time has proved both judicious and precious, not just for the company, but also for its shareholders and management teams.
Today, as part of my responsibilities as a Mid Cap M&A Manager for Crédit Suisse, I was involved in a company transfer and was able to see first-hand that RBA’s clients still trust the firm immensely. It was a great pleasure for me to lead this transaction successfully with RBA. »

Manuel Lasry - CREDIT SUISSE (Luxembourg) S.A., overseas branch (France), Mid Cap M&A Manager

« RBA has been working for our group for 15 years.
I met them during a tough time when I was selling a company and it wasn’t going very well. I needed an undisputed expert; I chose RBA.
Since then they have audited all our companies.
Why do I like working with RBA? Because they get the job done (as statutory auditors) and at the same time they understand mine, ensuring the two are compatible. Reputation is important and RBA has a very good one despite not being a big firm. In many cases, their reputation helps. »

Pierre Darmon - Managing director of GROUPE REITZEL

A few additional words...

« Is being successful a question of luck? Of course.
But knowing who to count on is key.
Always choosing excellence is the least we can do…
RBA was an obvious choice.
RBA has supported us in through all the stages of our life, from the creation of Bonpoint to that of
Merci, there’s no important decision we haven’t shared and now our children are following our
And when in addition to all these precious skills, there is friendship…
That is luck.
Thank you RBA
And see you soon for more adventures. »

Founder and Managing Director of Bonpoint and Merci