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Working for RBA - RBA

Working for RBA

An enriching career

RBA delivers true added value to all its customers by formulating global recommendations, therefore its teams can participate in transversal assignments that include auditing, consulting, strategy, taxation, and restructuring.

The diversity of the business sectors that make up RBA’s portfolio also offer accountants the opportunity to enlarge their knowledge of specific markets. The firm’s involvement in international assignments enables its teams to develop their skill sets in a multicultural environment and to perfect their mastery of legal systems outside of France.

Lastly, as RBA is also one of the few medium-sized firms to be called on for a large number of flagship projects (one third of the firm’s activity), employees can carry out assignments that will allow them to open their minds and deepen their knowledge.
During their professional development, they will be entrusted with the technical assignment supervision and managing a team. Eventually, they may be offered other career opportunities. The current associates, for example, began as RBA employees.
Team members often have the satisfaction of seeing the companies they have assisted right from the start become true success stories after a few years, conquering international markets, with the support of the firm, that are essential to their growth.

Working for RBA brings great versatility thanks to its varied customer base.

Olivier S.

I particularly appreciate the fact that RBA’s associates are approachable and willing to listen.

Bruno S.

At RBA, I have the opportunity to work on complex projects that reach beyond accounting, which is very enriching.

Audrey O.

The experts in law and taxation working alongside me on projects allow me to deliver complete solutions to my customers. They also expand my knowledge.

Nicolas C.

The variety of the projects and cases I am assigned greatly contributes to enhancing my analytical capabilities.

Isabelle A.
A management style based on trust and dialog

RBA’s employees are fortunate in benefitting from the proximity of the management team, as soon as they are hired.
Accessibility, availability and dialog are the key words that dictate the attitude of each partner in everyday life. The transfer of knowledge is, in fact, in their eyes one of the key factors of the firm’s success. They assume that in order to guide a client well, you have to be well guided yourself. The partners are therefore committed to team members, establishing relationships with each one based on exchange and trust. At RBA, we believe in free speech. Annual assessments are carried out in a concerted and consensual manner by the leadership team which is totally committed to reviewing each and every employee’s work. Dialog has always formed part of the best practice procedure established at the firm’s birth. Last but not least, the firm is committed to promoting equal opportunities.

Un management basé sur la confiance et l’échange

A pleasant working environment

RBA’s employees benefit from a pleasant working environment.
Located at 5 rue de Prony in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, RBA is housed in a former mansion, built in 1879, close to Parc Monceau.

The firm’s continued growth led it to occupy an adjoining building at 62 rue de Courcelles from 1998. The office space thus reached 750m², containing around thirty offices and meeting rooms. RBA decided against open space offices in order to offer each of its employees a customizable workspace conducive to concentration. Every year, the firm organizes internal events to bring teams together to learn more about each other and share moments of conviviality.

Interesting assignments, comprehensive training, continuous improvement, confidence and knowledge transfer, career opportunities, are some of the advantages that make working for RBA a source of professional fulfillment.
Join us, participate in our clients’ successes,
and thrive in your career
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