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Support in business management - RBA

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Support in business management

Since it was founded, RBA has been contributing to its clients’ company lifecycles during key moments such as annual closing but also on a daily basis through monitoring and periodic account revision. Checks are regularly carried out on the accounting methods (accounting principles applied to corporate financial data), and the degree of compliance of financial information to regulations and standards. The firm supports accounting departments in the implementation of accounting and reporting systems to drive their activities.

RBA can also play a driving role in HR management and salary data, if the client has not brought this activity inhouse.

Upon client request, when RBA is involved in the analysis of the company’s key functions, the firm can make recommendations about the company’s business model and the way it is run, for example by analyzing the financial results or through budget control.

The firm can carry out tax declarations on behalf of the director and assist him when necessary (for example, in the case of an inspection). Lastly, RBA can advise him in terms of fiscal optimization for the company and on an individual level, particularly in the case of a company restructuring or asset reorganization.

“Our group has been working with RBA for almost ten years.
I can testify to the excellence of their services, their exceptional reactivity, their reliability, and the diligent precision of their operations. But above all, I can attest to a quality that is rare in the entrepreneurial world, and – excuse me – even more so in the field of accounting, even for statutory accountants: RBA teams have proved their ability to summarize and their capacity for simplification that renders their work immediately tangible and useful to their manager clients. Above and beyond the figures, tables, balance sheets, RBA helps answer strategic questions, and makes recommendations from a clear standpoint proposed for a given subject. It continues to heed entrepreneur reactions, and this close and concentrated dialog brings a precious ‘plus’ to the company. RBA combines this particular characteristic with its leaders’ frank conviviality, giving me a trustworthy partner who is remarkable in all circumstances, just as much on a daily basis as in times of complex strategic reorientation. The teams have our ongoing trust and I thank them here(by) with it.”

Alain Ziegler - Rand Group - President of the Supervisory Board.
Accounting principles and methods
Implementation of ‘driving’ tools (dashboards, activity and cash forecast systems,…)
P&L analysis and budget control
Internal audits
Corporate periodical tax declarations
Support during tax inspections
Support for directors in terms of personal taxation
Case study

Case study of long-term support for a company producing and retailing luxury items for children.

support a company founded by two entrepreneurs throughout its lifecycle, from establishment to sale.

RBA’s work consists of offering solutions for each stage in the life of the company, a manufacturer
and retailer of children’s luxury goods.

  • Establishment of the company (including name proposals)
  • Support and negotiation for the investments
  • Implementation of management systems
  • Legal restructuring (holding company, manufacturing company, retail entity, subsidiaries in the US, UK, Italy, …)
  • Family donations
  • Sale as a leveraged buy out (LBO) and return to the minority capital of the founders
  • Negotiations, support throughout the process with the mandated bank and lawyers
  • Sale to an industrial group
  • Definitive exit of the founders

RBA’s support of the group’s development, its sale and subsequent transfer provided the founders with peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of the company by minimizing the risks.